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AC Service

AC Service in Dubai - NAZAM

The hot summer in Dubai is not easy to deal and to avoid air condition system issues and unnecessary AC repairs, you need high-quality AC maintenance service. If your search is for the best ac service in Dubai, NAZAM has a solution for your problem. 


Whether your search is for your office or home, we provide you with satisfactory AC maintenance services in Dubai. Our certified and exceptionally trained team delivers its services across the UAE.


How Often Your AC Needs to Be Serviced in the UAE?

The service of your AC depends on your usage. Below we have mentioned the average time according to your use


 Usuage  Servicing Period

  Rarely Used    

  1 Year 

  Only Night

  Every 6 months

  14-18 Hours

  Every 4 months

  24 Hours

  Every 3 months


Common Air Conditioner Issues in Dubai 


If your AC is not getting the proper maintenance services, it can trigger many issues.  


 Water Leakage


The excessive dripping and leakage of water from your AC commonly happens due to two main reasons:

  • The condensate pump has failed

  • Lack of routine service

In both cases, it is simple for us to fix your issue in an hour. We provide the AC repair and maintenance service to prevent this problem.


 Noisy Sounds


There is a built-in noise producer in the air conditioner. But if your AC is making odd loud noises, it is the sign of a faulty fan, broken part, or loose part. 

Our AC service in Dubai not only provides maintenance but also fixes all these issues on the spot. 


 Fail to Cool


If your AC cooling system is not working and blowing warm air, immediately check the thermostat. Many residents face this issue due to:

  • Grit blocked the chilled water strainers 

  • Dirt in the water

  • Dirty filters stop the cool air

  • The compressor needs the AC maintenance /service

You can contact us to get the proper AC maintenance service in Dubai.


   Foul Smell


Does your AC smell bad? It’s an alert! 

But why does it do so?

  • Accumulation of bacteria or water in your HVAC system

  • Odors build upon the cooling coils because air conditioning units are recirculating the air in the room.

NAZAM is here to fix this problem for you instantly before anyone gets infected.


  AC isn’t Turning On


If your AC is not turning on, a tripped fuse can be the reason. But if it isn’t, you can contact us, and our trained technicians can inspect and diagnose the problem and repair it professionally. 


  Airflow Blockage


Airflow blockage is the earliest sign of the poor condition of AC. A slow-working motor or clogged air filter can also cause air blockage.

We are here to deliver the proper maintenance and AC service in Dubai that can fix the poor condition of your AC.


AC Service in Dubai

As the temperature heats up, you need to check your air conditioner is in good condition.  If you are searching for an AC service near me, we are here for you. 

Here is the list of the services we are providing:

  • AC Installation

  • AC Repairing

  • AC Maintenance

  • AC Disinfection Service

  • AC Services

  • AC Ducting

  • AC Thermostat Repairing

  • AC Thermostat Installation

  • AC Compressor Repairing

  • AC Fan Motor Replacement

  • AC Modification

  • AC Replacement

  • AC Fixing

  • AC Filter Cleaning

  • AC Supply

  • AC Duct Cleaning

Benefits You Will Get

Do you know the regular service and maintenance of your AC can extend its lifespan? If you are not aware, we will tell you some benefits of regular AC servicing from the right place.


Maintaining performance & Efficiency

Every year air conditioners lose their efficiency even though they are working properly. It becomes worse if you don't go for regular service. NAZAM provides high-quality maintenance and services that improve the performance of your AC.


Reduce Risks & Increase Lifespan


Regular maintenance from NAZAM reduces the risk of serious issues, saves you from serious troubles, and increases the lifespan of your air conditioner. 


Professional & Promising Services


With a team of efficient and professional certified AC technicians, we deliver the best AC maintenance services in Dubai and across UAE. We provide our services both in commercial and residential units. 


Reasonable AC Service Cost in Dubai


We offer reasonable prices for all services. You will find reliability and affordable prices at the same place.


To get the best AC service in Dubai, contact us now and increase the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner.


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