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Annual Maintenance Contract Dubai

Are you tired of hiring handyman services again and again every time something breaks down? Do you know the benefits of an annual maintenance contract? Why is it essential when you are living in Dubai? Let us tell you, and then you can start your search for an annual maintenance contract in Dubai.


AMC covers annual maintenance and essential services of your residential and commercial properties. It provides all the elementary maintenance services and saves your money in the long run. NAZAM offers you the most suitable annual maintenance contract that is perfect for your needs and budget.


NAZAM provides you peace of mind with AMC. You will get maintenance checks regularly that will prevent you from extensive damages or repairs. You can choose our annual maintenance service, and we will take care of your property. 


Annual Maintenance Contract Services


If your search is for the best maintenance company in Dubai, we are here for you! We provide the annual maintenance packages that are the most suitable for you and customized as per the systems in your property. The services in our annual maintenance contract are: 


HVAC Services


Our annual HVAC services include the maintenance, inspecting, and cleaning of HVAC units. Our service partners ensure the proper working of the units and troubleshoot the common problems of the HVAC system. 


Handyman Services


Our annual maintenance contract covers the handyman services. Whenever a need arises, we send our expert handyman that can easily fix your issue. From lite touch-ups to big tasks at home or the workplace, you will always get professional services timely. Our handyman service deals with all your needs. 


Electrical Services


If you live in Dubai and select our annual maintenance contract Dubai, you will get proficient electrical services regularly. Whether you want our services for the installation of light, for common air conditioner issues, or you want to repair sockets or switches, our well-trained team will do it in no time. 


Our professional electricians troubleshoot any fault in your voltage system. NAZAM makes you free to check on everything yourself.


Carpenter Services


Our qualified and experienced carpenters will provide all the services for your home and workplace all year. From assembling the furniture to furniture latching & bolting, you will get a wide range of woodwork services in our annual plan. The regular visits from our professional carpenters will handle all your required services. 


Pest Control Services


Pest control services are part of our annual maintenance contract. We help you to solve this issue for good. Pest issue is common in the UAE. It can damage your property and badly affect your healthy lifestyle. 


The regulatory services of our well-trained pest control technicians can help you to get rid of this common issue in no time.


Plumbing Services


Plumbing issues are among the common problems in residential and commercial areas of UAE.  They often recur. They can cost you more than any other service. If you

get this service in an annual maintenance contract, it will save your time and money. 


Whether you face routine leakage and dripping issues in your kitchen or want to repair your drain and install a pipe, we are here for you. We save your money and time and give you relief from this tension. 


Benefits You Will Get


  • Availability of Professional Technicians


In our annual maintenance service, well-trained and professional technicians help you solve your issue. They make sure that your entire system remains in good condition. 


  • Cost-Effective


Why should you take annual maintenance service? Annual maintenance service is cost-effective. It is light on your budget and saves money on emergency maintenance and repair. 


  • Customizable Packages


The annual maintenance contract of NAZAM covers all the requirements and budget of the customer. You can enjoy all the needful services in your budget. 


  • Special Priority


With other benefits, the customers who take annual maintenance services get priority in emergencies over other customers.


  • Give You Peace of Mind


An annual maintenance contract saves you from running after plumbers, carpenters, and technicians in case of emergency. It is affordable for your budget too. Contact us now to save your energy and time. 


NAZAM ends your search for the best annual maintenance contract Dubai. We offer you budget-friendly packages that cover all your needs and requirements.


Select the annual maintenance service you want, sit back, and relax. Whether it is your home or workplace, we will take care of maintaining and fixing it. Contact us Now!


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