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Part-Time Maids in Dubai-NAZAM


Sponsoring a full-time maid is costly and time-consuming. It is better to hire a maid for a few hours according to your need. NAZAM keeps you away from the endless search for part-time maids in Dubai. 


NAZAM offers you the services of expertly trained, most experienced, and friendliest maids. The maids we provide are authorized and have the proper certification to work in Dubai. You will find them trustable as we hire them after checking their background strictly. 


You can rely on our exceptional service quality and enjoy peace of mind by getting the best part-time cleaner services in Dubai. 


Service Categories


We have categorized our multiple services. It is convenient to choose the suitable category that caters to your needs best. When you want to book the services of part-time maids in Dubai with NAZAM, you will get the following options:


  • With Material

  • Without Material


With Material


There are multiple cleaning products in the market, and only professionals can know the most suitable ones. Further, you also need proper cleaning tools that help to deliver efficient and quick services. 


Part-time cleaners with the material are the best choice. Our experts knock on your door with all essential equipment and materials, such as a microfiber cloth, all-purpose cleaner, vacuum cleaner, etc. 


Without Material

If you have all the required cleaning products and tools at home, you can book part-time maid services in Dubai without materials. In this category, customers provide all essential equipment to get the cleaning service. 


Services Provided by Part-Time Maids



  • Basic Cleaning: Dusting, Wiping, vacuuming, & mopping

Professional cleanliness is essential to keep your home safe and hygienic. Our expert cleaners wipe, vacuum, and mop your entire home thoroughly. They will also do the dusting of your furniture.


  • Basic Kitchen Cleaning

If you avoid the proper cleanliness of your kitchen, it becomes an easy target for cockroaches. Food crumbs, oil stains, and other substances can keep your kitchen untidy and unclean. Hire our cleaners to make your kitchen a healthy place.


  • Basic Bathroom Cleaning

After a tiring working day, a relaxing bath or shower is the best option to de-stress yourself. But it is possible only in a clean washroom. Our cleaners scrub every corner of your bathroom with effective cleaning products and keep it tidy.   



  • Cooking, Chopping, etc

You can also book our services for other kitchen tasks, such as cooking, chopping, etc. Our service providers take special care of hygiene to deliver their kitchen services.


  • Cleaning of unreachable areas

Multiple spaces in your place are hard to clean, and you need assistance. You can contact NAZAM to hire experts for the cleaning service of unreachable and hard-to-access areas of your home. 


  • Floor Scrubbing

Do you want assistance cleaning a stinky floor? Hire our professional cleaners. They offer efficient services for indoor and outdoor floor scrubbing.


  • Pet Care

We also offer the assistance of our service providers for taking care of your pets. With easy booking steps, you can hire a pet caretaker from NAZAM


Add More Services

Many tasks are equally important to daily chores. But due to lack of time, they are always pending. You can also add additional services with our regular cleaning assistance to do those tasks on time.


Add these extra services to your standard cleaning package:


  • Ironing Services

Professional ironing gives your dress a good appearance. You can add our ironing service to your package when you are tired enough from your daily work routine and do not find the strength to press your clothes. 


  • Laundry Services

Laundry services are additional services that you can add to your existing services. Our professionals wash your clothes with high-quality cleaning products and keep the stuff and color of your clothes safe.


  • Exterior Glass Cleaning (reachable areas)

You can also add this extra service. We offer exterior glass cleaning of reachable areas.


Benefits of Hiring Our Part-Time Cleaners in Dubai


You will enjoy the following services with our certified and registered part-time maids. 


  • Premium cleaning services tailored to your needs.

  • Competitive rates that are light on your budget.

  • Simple booking steps

  • Expertly-Trained and Most Experienced Cleaners

  • Multiple services, like carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, etc 

  • Eco-friendly, pet-friendly, & biodegradable cleaning products.



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