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Part-Time Maids in Dubai-NAZAM



Do you want to avoid the immigration paperwork and sponsorship regulations of live-in maids? Are you tired of the endless phone calls and web searching to find the right and reliable part-time maids in Dubai for your daily household chores?


NAZAM is here to save you from the hassle. With the help of our service partners, we provide professional and experienced housemaids that are organized and can do all the household chores expertly. 


All maids are professionally authorized, registered, trained, and certified. They are reliable, trusted, and friendly. Their professional commitments can fulfill your cleaning needs and guarantee a tidy house. 


It is easy to book our services, and you will enjoy peace of mind. We guarantee high quality and complete satisfactory work. 


Our Services


It is not hard to hire part-time maids in Dubai from NAZAM. The booking choices are transparent and clear. You will get two options.


  • Without Material 

  • With Material

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Without Material


When you book our part-time maid service without materials, you will get a maid without equipment and material. In this situation, a maid will receive all the materials and equipment from the hiring party. 


With Material


The best option which we recommend is with the material. It saves time and money. It also keeps you away from the hassle of providing all the needed stuff. A maid comes with all the necessary equipment and material. For example:


  • Bucket 

  • Mop

  • Vacuum Cleaner

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Microfiber Cloth

  • All other essential products


Additional Services


Our part-time cleaners also provide additional services. In the busy routine of Dubai, it is hard to manage all the tasks on our own. With regular cleaning tasks, other extra chores are equally essential. 


We also provide the additional services of ironing and laundry. If you also want specific cleaning equipment, we also offer that. With minimum additional charges, you can get these services to your doorstep.


Why Should You Hire Part-Time Maids in Dubai


Why do people search for maid services in Dubai? Why is it important to hire them? A professional maid manages your daily routine chores efficiently. There are other points you should consider:


  • A professional and expert maid has an experience and knowledge of materials and equipment. There is a rare chance of damaging and wasting the material, and your home will always be clean and tidy.


  • The high-quality services make your environment safe and healthy. If we talk about the cleanliness of your workplace, it enhances productivity too. Whether you go for regular cleaning services or choose a deep cleaning service for your home or workplace, our trained maids expertly do their work and clean every corner efficiently. 


  • Regular cleaning is essential in the humid and dusty weather of Dubai. Only a professional maid can assist you in keeping your place out of dust and dirt. 


Why Choose Us

We give you reasons to choose NAZAM for hiring professional part-time maid services.


  • High-Quality Services


When you book a cleaning maid through NAZAM, you get high-quality services that match your standard. Our maids leave the place when a client gets satisfactory results.


  • Trained & Professional Maids


Our provided maids are certified and authorized to work in Dubai. They are experts in their work, can speak English, and have a friendly attitude. They complete their task actively and efficiently within a given time. We care for your safety and always provide a reliable and trusted maid for your homes and workplace.


  • Convenient Options


NAZAM offers convenient service options for you. You can hire an hourly maid or part-time maid at your convenience. Contact us today to get the services at your doorstep.


  • Safe Material


When you hire a part-time maid with materials from us, we ensure you get the necessary equipment and material. Our provided cleaning products are safe for kids and pets and keep your surroundings healthy and hygienic.


  • Affordable & Cost-Effective Service


All services are affordable and available at unbeatable prices. We provide excellent work quality that you can afford without any worry. 


If you are searching for part-time maids in Dubai, you can contact us to hire efficient and professional maids at any hour. Save your time, energy, and money, and contact us now!



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