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Home Service of Henna in Dubai


Do you want traditional style henna for the upcoming wedding? Or are you seeking a unique style henna design for the weekend function? In this fast & busy life of Dubai, it is hard to take the time for yourself. But it is important, and that's why you search for home services of henna Dubai.


NAZAM offers its henna services at your doorstep. Whether there is a wedding or some special event, we make it more beautiful with creative and unique henna designs. Our mehndi artists have a collection of adorable designs for your hands, feet, and arms.


Our Henna artists are experts and have extensive experience applying traditional and modern designs and henna tattoos. From Indian traditional styles to Arabic-cultured patterns and many more, you can choose the henna design according to your taste. 


Henna Services


The soothing fragrance and aesthetic art of henna enhance the beauty and charm of your skin. The variants of henna we offer include:


Jagua Black


The other name of Jagua is black henna. It is free of chemicals, and we get it from organic fruits. Our henna artists expertly apply your favorite designs. You will get a temporary black tattoo look within a few hours. The color of this henna lasts up to 2 weeks. It is not recommended for everyone because sometimes it causes allergies.


White Henna


White henna is white body paint. It is waterproof and made of excellent quality body art adhesive. White henna looks perfect on a dark skin tone. It is non-toxic and leaves no stain on your skin. It is long-lasting and has 3D effects. It especially suits the brides wearing white gowns. It is easy to peel off. 


Natural Brown


The professional henna artists by NAZAM are the perfect answer to your search for henna Dubai. Natural brown henna with traditional designs enhances the beauty of your body wherever you apply it. This henna is made from high-quality fresh henna leaves. Its natural ingredients give you long-lasting color. 


Red Henna


Red henna is famous in India and Pakistan. It has an attractive color that gives a perfect traditional look. Our henna artists make the red henna more alluring when they add black henna color to the design. The unique designs of henna with the red and black color combination of henna grab the attention of the surrounding. 


Glitter Henna


Glitter henna is a kind of creativity in the henna application. You can apply it solely or add it with any other henna to make it more sparkling. Glitter henna lasts for a day. It is better to wear it when you are about to leave for a function. 


Why Choose Us


  • Artistic & Unique Designs


Our henna artists offer unique, alluring, and detail-oriented designs. Whether there are complex mehndi patterns for weddings or leafy or floral styles for an important event, we offer plenty of creative mehndi designs. We also provide henna tattoos of different colors for brides. 


  • Organic & Aromatic Henna


If you prefer organic products, we offer you henna with biotic ingredients. When you choose the organic henna option, it gives you natural color and a soothing aroma. It nourishes your skin and doesn't stain or give allergic effects. If you choose henna tattoos, they are easy to peel off without any pain.


  • Expert & Trained Mehndi Artists


Our henna artists have years of experience in creating unique and traditional henna designs. If you want a simple floral henna style or a complex full-hand henna pattern, our expert artists are good at providing the services you want. They are professional and punctual.


  • Stunning Designs for Body


You can hire our henna artists for full-hand and feet mehndi patterns, front-hand henna designs, back shoulder, and full-body henna styles and tattoos. 


  • Professional Home Service


NAZAM provides professional home services. You can contact us to hire our henna artists for home services. We offer professional services and value your time. You will always get satisfactory henna services within the given time. 


  • Affordable & Economical


Our henna services are affordable and economical. We offer creative and unique henna designs at affordable and budget-friendly prices.


Your search for a henna artist near me or henna Dubai ends on NAZAM. You can contact us to experience the trendy and traditional henna art at your doorstep. 

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