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Manicure and Pedicure In Dubai - Home Service


Pamper your hands and feet with our magical manicure and pedicure packages. 


NAZAM treats you with the best care, and you feel good and confident. You will get the premium experience of multiple mani-pedi services, such as classical, french, gel, etc. 


Our professional nail technicians offer their services in the comfort of your place. You can get our services all across Dubai. From nail filing to comforting massage, you will get a perfect treat that will release stress and tiredness instantly. 


Want to try the luxurious manicure and pedicure Dubai? Get in touch with us for prices, discounts, bookings, or all other queries. 


Our Services


You can have the advantages of the lavish therapy of manicure and pedicure in Dubai services with our different packages.


  • Classic Manicure


Try the classic manicure services that we deliver with high-quality and finest products. Our classic manicure covers the following services: nail care, cuticle cutting, trimming, buffing, shaping, clipping, oiling, etc. Our traditional classic manicure offers soaking, scrubbing, and moisturizing of your hands to remove dead skin and restore its smoothness.    


  • Classic Pedicure


NAZAM offers the best option for maintaining your feet and toes with a classic pedicure. Let us soak your feet in the comforting warm water and scrub them gently with a foot filer. Our experts will not stop here. 


They will also clip and shape your nails perfectly. You will feel more confident in your footwear.


  • Classic Mani Pedi Combo


Booking our home services and pamper your hand and feet with our classic mani-pedi combo. Extract your dead skin and moisturize it for a long time with the finest products. This service is more than essential scrubbing and moisturizing. You will also get your nails trimmed, cut, and shaped perfectly. 


  • French Manicure


French manicure offers your hands a young and tender look with a touch of elegance. It is a perfect treat for your nails and hands. You don’t need to wait in a queue at salons for your turn. Call our experts at home and enjoy our stress-free package at the most affordable price. 


  • French Pedicure 


Add some artistic touch to your personality and book french pedicure services for your feet and toes. Perfect shaping and trimming of your toenails offer beauty and confidence together. It is an ideal choice for you if you have to wear stylish footwear every day. 


  • French Pedicure and Manicure


A French pedicure and manicure offer you art and care. Let our experts pamper your hand and feet with care and concern. Match your toenails and fingernails with eye-catching and elegant colors. Book our French pedicure and manicure services to make your every day special!


  • Gel French Manicure


Offer a treat to your hands and book our gel French manicure services. Enjoy the comforting hand massage and let our experts deal with your fingernails. They give your nails an attractive look with a touch of sparkle. 


  • Gel French Pedicure


Do you want to give a sparkling effect to your toenails like your fingernails? Try a gel French pedicure. Hire our home services and get the perfect nail treatment that ends with a relaxing and comforting massage. 


This sparkling and glamorous transparent gel french pedicure is a special treat for your feet.


  • Gel Polish Manicure


Hire our experts for a gel polish manicure and get the best treatment in the comfort of your home. The finest products will moisturize your hands, and you will enjoy a long-lasting softness. In the end, your nails will get a dazzling look.


  • Gel Polish Pedicure


Are you tired of applying regular nail polish on your toenails? How about changing this routine? If yes, try a gel polish pedicure from NAZAM. 


Our experts start with soaking and scrubbing your feet. After perfect moisture, they will add twinking polish to your toenails. It will boost your confidence. 


  • Gel Mani-Pedi Combo


Your hand and feet deserve the glow that you feel inside. NAZAM makes it easy for you to hire our experts at your doorstep and pamper your hand and feet with our gel mani-pedi combo.


You can also get multiple services such as:


Advantages of a Manicure & Pedicure


If you have faith in the myth that manicure and pedicure service is extravagance, it is time to change your mind. It is not just about the beautiful looks but health too!


Let’s check out some comforts of manicure and pedicure services.


  1. Helps to stop Infections

  2. Healthy Blood Circulation

  3. Removal of Rough Skin

  4. Improve Nail Health

  5. Youthful Look For Hands & Feet



If your query is for a manicure and pedicure at home service or home pedicure service, NAZAM is the answer to this query. Let's check the reasons!


  • Hygienic & Premium-Quality Products

  • Exceptional Manicure & Pedicure Home Services

  • Experienced & Professional Manicurist & Pedicurist

  • Multiple Packages with fair charges



When you can reach out to hire the best pedicurist and manicurist from NAZAM, then no need to search more for manicure and pedicure Dubai or home service pedicure and manicures.


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