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Mattress Cleaning Dubai-NAZAM


Changing bedsheets on your mattress and using domestic cleaning equipment is not enough to keep it clean. This daily-used accessory absorbs multiple particles, such as dead skin cells, dust mites, stains, and sweat, that cause irritation and allergic symptoms in your body. You will also experience a foul smell that does not allow you to take a peaceful nap or sleep. 


NAZAM has a perfect solution that deals with your problem. We offer professional mattress cleaning in Dubai and provide premium quality cleaning and sanitization services to your mattress. Our skilled professionals extract all deep hidden germs and bed bugs by applying a multistep process.  


We deliver safe cleaning mattress treatment that does not damage the fabric and memory foam. Hire our experts and enjoy peaceful sleeping moments at the most affordable price. 


Our Mattress Cleaning Service Offer:


  • Removal of Foul Smell

  • Extraction of dirt substances from the surface of the mattress

  • Use of mild chemicals and biodegradable products to remove hard stains

  • Deep Cleaning with a specialized wet & dry mattress cleaning machine from Karcher-Germany. It helps to remove deep-buried germs and dust particles.


How NAZAM Works


Step 1


Before starting the cleaning services, our service providers check the mattress. They choose the best and most effective method, deep cleaning by shampooing. It restores the original appearance of your mattress.


Step 2

Then they vacuum the surface of the mattress to remove dust particles and other unwanted dirt substances. 


Step 3

After vacuuming the surface, our experts apply the shampoo to the mattress. They use high-quality cleaning products that have mild chemicals. These cleaning products are eco-friendly and pet-friendly. They are safe for your indoor environment. 


Step 4

The shampoo helps to remove stains and dirt patches. If our professional cleaners still find spots on the mattress, they give extra attention to their removal. In the case of irremovable blotches, we discuss them with our customers before starting services. Our cleaners are not responsible for irremovable spots. 


Step 5

Our well-trained service partners use the high-power vacuum cleaner to extract the dirt and other contaminants absorbed inside the mattress. It also helps to kill mites, bacteria, and other viruses. 


Step 6

Cleaners apply this method on both sides of the mattress. They repeat it until the mattress dries and restores its former look. 


Benefits of Mattress Cleaning


Experts recommend that cleaning mattresses once in 3-4 months is good to maintain their efficiency and extend their life expectancy. You get multiple benefits when you choose professional services for mattress cleaning in Dubai.


  • Improves Better Sleep Quality

  • Takes Out Foul Smell

  • Enhance Energy Level 

  • Better Indoor Air Quality

  • Relief from Asthma & Allergy

  • No Itching & Allergic Reaction


Why Customers Choose NAZAM

It is not easy to do mattress cleaning on your own. You need professional assistance for multiple reasons, such as choosing the right cleaning chemical, suitable tools, and expertise. NAZAM offers the best and most effective mattress cleaning in Dubai. 


You should hire our experts due to following reasons:


  • We offer the quality you expect

Our home mattress cleaning services are convenient and highly effective. You will experience fewer allergic symptoms and get better sleep moments. 


  • Get the price you desire

Do you think mattress cleaning is expensive? Maybe, but not with NAZAM! You will get high-quality mattress cleaning services at a competitive and economical price. We do not ask for hidden charges.


  • Deep Cleaning of Mattress

Hire our professional service partners for deep cleaning of your mattress. They extract deep-buried germs and mites. Your mattress will be free of dust, dirt, and bed bugs that trigger infections and allergies.


  • Having Right Mattress Cleaning Tools & Equipment

DIY is not suitable for this. Regular cleaning equipment will not extract the deep-buried dirt and dust. Our expert partners have all the latest and accurate tools and machines to provide you with the best and most professional mattress cleaning services. They also use excellent quality products in the cleaning process that clean your mattress inside and out. 


  • Professionals’ Assistance

Our professional cleaners know how to perform their jobs efficiently and within a given time. They make sure that each corner of your mattress is clean and disinfected. 



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