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Services of Micro Oven Repair Near Me


Do you frequently face the issues of sparks or heating problems? Are you searching for the services of micro oven repair near me? NAZAM answers your query by offering high-quality repair services for the micro oven.


Our repair service providers are professional and experts. With their extensive experience, they fix your issues in no time. Whether the heating system of your oven is not working properly or the damaged hardware needs fixing, we are around you to offer repair services. 


You can hire our most affordable and cost-effective services at your doorstep. We provide repair services for all types of home appliances all across Dubai.  


Issues We Solve


Regular maintenance expands the functionality of your appliances. If your micro oven needs the assistance of a technician, you can contact NAZAM. 


We offer the solution for the listed problems below. If you do not find your trouble, you can still contact us for help.


  • The microwave oven heating system is not working.

  • The oven buttons are not functional.

  • Plate spinning issues

  • The light bulb inside the oven doesn't turn on.

  • Sparking problems in the oven

  • The microwave oven starts for a few minutes and then stops.

  • Turntable rotating issue

  • The display does not work

  • Door opening problems

  • The trouble with touchpad functions


How We Work


Whether your search is for micro oven repair near me or oven repair in Dubai, NAZAM is just a touch away. Our service providers cover all the major oven brands. Let’s check the process of delivering you satisfactory services. 


  • Step 1

Is the microwave not working anymore? Don’t worry, and contact NAZAM right away. Our service providers will receive the oven from your given address.


  • Step 2

After receiving it from you, service providers will deliver it to our repair center.


  • Step 3

Our expert technicians will inspect your oven. After assessing it thoroughly, they inform you about the details and cost range.


  • Step 4 

When you give your approval, our experts work on the oven. They deliver it back to your location when it is workable again. You will find our services professional and instant. 


Reasons to Prefer Our Services

Your query for microwave Dubai or oven repair near me will take you to many repair service providers. But why do customers prefer NAZAM? You will get the answer below:


High-Quality Oven Repair Services


Delivering high-quality repair services to our customers is vital. Whether you are facing sparking issues inside the oven, non-functional buttons, or a turntable rotating problem, NAZAM is here to offer you the solution to every problem.


We cover the oven issues of all major brands. Our professionals use superior quality spare parts and the latest tools in repair services. Wherever you are in Dubai, you can hire our services, and our professionals will be at your location in no time.


Certified & Expert Professionals


Our service providers are certified and have extensive experience in oven repair services. They inspect the issue thoroughly and fix the problem from its roots. Whether there is a need to change the hardware parts or the problem is a bit technical, our technicians deal with every trouble to make your oven functional again.


Our repair service providers are friendly and reliable. You can always get from them suggestions for oven maintenance. 


Locations NAZAM Serves

If your query is about micro oven repair near me, NAZAM is close to you. Whether you are in JLT, Deira, or Palm Jumeirah, you will find our repair services all across Dubai. 


Repair Services at Your Doorstep


Are you searching for repair services for your oven? You can hire our repair services with just one click. Our repair technicians will arrive at your given address. They receive your appliance from your address and deliver it back after making it functional. NAZAM offers free pickup and drop-back services to its customers.

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Economical & Pocket-Friendly Services


Are you searching for affordable and economical prices for oven repair services? NAZAM is close to you for delivering high-quality services on a pock-friendly budget. Whether your oven has minor or major issues, you will always find our prices economical.


Get ahold of us and hire our repair services if your query is about micro oven repair near me. Book our assistance. We are just one touch away!



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