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Office Disinfection Services Dubai - NAZAM


Daily cleaning is a part of the office routine. According to studies, a cleaned surface has a high chance of bacteria, and the solution to this problem is disinfection and sanitization. But the question comes, where to find the best sanitization services or office disinfection services Dubai? 


Cleaning extracts dust, dirt, and impurities from the surface. But the method of disinfection service requires an effective chemical solution that helps to remove the bacteria and every organism from everywhere, including high-touch areas like switches and door knobs. Disinfection keeps your workplace safe and healthy. 


With its Dubai Municipality approved service partners, NAZAM provides complete disinfecting and sanitizing services. Our disinfection services are eco-friendly and biodegradable and are perfect for your workplace. 


Our professional service partners are highly experienced and use the latest technology and effective methods that ensure the extermination of all bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and germs and make your surrounding space healthy and hygienic. 


How We Work


NAZAM is the best answer to your query about office disinfection services Dubai. Let’s look at how our service partners provide excellent assistance in town. 


Step 1


Our professional service partners reach your workplace with Personal protective equipment gear(PPE), other necessary materials, and required tools (microfiber cloth, disinfecting solution, tissue) to sanitize and disinfect your workplace. 


First, they remove and wipe down the dust and dirt particles from the surface and make it clean. 


Step 2


Then our expert service cleaning partners mist the sanitizing liquid on the surface with a ULV fogging machine. We use the sanitization liquid solution. It is a mixture of disinfectant and water (Vital Oxide-a US-made approved DM ). 


It is approved by Dubai Municipality and applicable for all floors, surfaces, walls, furniture, and other office equipment.  


We use a hospital-grade disinfectant. It is eco-friendly and safe for your employees and the surrounding area. 


Step 3


This sanitizing liquid takes 10-15 minutes to absorb and dissolve. We give extra attention to high-touch point surfaces like switches, counters, light controls, tables, armrests, door knobs, and other frequently touched areas.


Step 4


The final step of this process is to wipe off all the wet areas. Our professional cleaning service partners ensure that no chemical is present in any corner. This disinfectant kills 99.99% of germs, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. 


If you maintain cleanliness and hygiene properly, the disinfectant can protect your workplace for up to 10-15 days.


Why Choose Us


Professional sanitization and disinfection services are essential to keep your workspace clean and healthy. Your search for office disinfection services Dubai ends on NAZAM. We have a reason to prove it.


  • Hospital-Grade Disinfectant


Our service cleaning partners use the hospital-grade disinfectant that ensures the safety of your workplace by killing germs, bacteria, and all viruses 99.99%.


  • Eco-Friendly & Safe Material


All the materials and products we use in the process of disinfection services are safe to use and eco-friendly. Our cleaners use a government-approved liquid solution that does not harm the surrounding. Call our experts to keep your workspace safe and healthy.


  • Expert & Trained Team


NAZAM has trained and professional cleaning service partners in town. They know how to complete their task efficiently and within a given time. They do their work expertly and leave the place without creating a mess. Contact us now to hire our professionals. 


  • Professional & High-Standard Work


Professionalism is a requirement of every office. Whether it is the task or the environment of the workspace. Our professional cleaners believe in the deliverance of excellent work that perfectly matches the client's standard. 


The high-quality work maximizes the effectiveness of disinfection services in your office.


  • Cost-Effective


With NAZAM, you will get the best at the least cost. Our packages are pocket friendly and affordable. We provide good quality work that comes within your budget. 


Prevention is the best plan for healthy employees and a hygienic environment. After COVID 19, it is essential to hire professional services to get the sanitization and disinfection services for your workplace. 


Whether your search is for home sanitization or office disinfection services Dubai, you will always get the best assistance with NAZAM. To hire our professionals, contact us now and enjoy the safe and healthy environment around you.



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Special Thanks to Mr Aiman Bernardino for arranging our office sanitization. He providedAccurate information and he is very accommodating in answering all of our inquiries. The team arrived on time and did it properly Well done Guys! Keep it Up! Will surely request for your service onwards? Thank you!
Thank you Mr Aiman for arranging the sanitization for our office. Very reliable support from you. Will definitely contact you again for another schedule. Thank you.