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Home Services of Refrigerator and Fridge Repair in Dubai


Are you tired of the fridge gas leakage issue in the hot weather of Dubai? Do you want a professional technician to fix your fridge door light issue? If you are facing all these problems or many others, you can count on NAZAM for the fastest and most economical service of refrigerator and fridge repair in Dubai


Our experts deal with all brands and types of fridges or refrigerators such as single door, side-by-side, top freezer, bottom freezer, French door, counter depth, or mini refrigerator. With NAZAM, you will get premium repair services, well-trained technicians, and the most affordable prices. 


If you search for fridge repair near me, you can get our services anytime across Dubai. Whether the problem with your fridge or refrigerator is a minor or major issue, our experts will fix it. Contact us now to hire our repair services. 


Problems We Solve


Many problems occur with your refrigerator. It is better to fix them right away. We have listed common problems, and if your issue is not here, you can still give us a call. 


  • The fridge compressor is not working properly.

  • The refrigerator is not cooling anymore.

  • Gas Leakage

  • The foul smell inside the fridge

  • The refrigerator light is blinking or not working 

  • Noises from the fridge compressor

  • Too much power consumption

  • Over-Heating Issue

  • Temperature is not stable

  • Humidity around the fridge

  • Faulty Thermostat

  • Damaged Refrigerator Door

  • Problem with drawing air from the fridge

  • & Many More

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Reasons to Prefer NAZAM


Whether your search is for services for refrigerator and fridge repair in Dubai or fridge repair Dubai, NAZAM is always around to assist you. 


High-Quality Repair Services


When you hire the refrigerator repair service from NAZAM, you experience high-quality and exceptional services with us. Whether the trouble is minor or major, our premium services will fix it from its roots. 


Our professionals deal with all types of refrigerators such as single door, side-by-side, top freezer, bottom freezer, French door, counter depth, or mini refrigerator. They use prime-quality genuine spare parts in the repair process. 


Expert & Certified Technicians


Our service providers have a crew of expert and certified technicians. Whether you are facing a gas leakage issue or your fridge compressor is not working anymore, our professionals assess the problem thoroughly and fix it expertly.


Our technicians are reliable, friendly, and highly trained. They have extensive experience with different refrigerator brands and can fix complex issues within the given time frame. You can also ask for some suggestions for future precautions.


We Deal with Different Brands

Whether your query is for LG fridge repair in Dubai or Samsung fridge repair in Dubai, our refrigerator repair service covers all major brands.


  • LG Fridge Repair Service

  • Samsung Fridge Repair Service

  • Panasonic Fridge Repair Service

  • Haier Fridge Repair Service

  • Nikai Fridge Repair Service

  • Daewoo Fridge Repair Service

  • Super General Fridge Repair Service

  • Kenwood Fridge Repair Service

  • Hisense Fridge Repair Service

  • Bosch Fridge Repair Service

  • Siemens Fridge Repair Service

  • Elekta Fridge Repair Service

  • & Many More


Affordable & Cost-Effective Prices


Do you want affordable service for refrigerator repair in Dubai? NAZAM is the perfect choice to get cost-effective and economical prices. We offer premium quality repair and maintenance services in a budget-friendly manner. 


Whether you want the services for a mini fridge or a deep freezer, you can enjoy our repair services at a fair price. Hire the repair services from NAZAM and get the prices that are light on your pocket. 


Repair Services at Your Doorstep 

You don’t need to look more for refrigerator repair near me when you can have our refrigerator repair services at your doorstep. 


We are also aware of the busy schedule in Dubai. You can hire repair and maintenance services from NAZAM at your convenient time. Our crew will be at your location at the scheduled date and time. 


Location NAZAM Serves


Whether your search is for fridge repairs near me, fridge repair in Al Barsha, or fridge repair in Emirates Hills, we offer our fridge and refrigerator repair services across Dubai.


Other Home Appliance Repair Services


NAZAM offers service of refrigerator and fridge repair in Dubai. You can also benefit from our other home appliance repair services such as,


  • Cooking Range Repair Services 

  • Washing Machine Repair Services

  • Microwave Repair Services

  • Dishwasher Repair Services


 Fridge Repair Near Me in Dubai


Your query for the service of refrigerator and fridge repair in Dubai gets its answer with NAZAM. Get ahold of us and hire our expert crew for premium repair and maintenance services. 


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