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Beauty Salon Packages in Dubai - NAZAM


Do you find it hard to take out time for a beauty salon in a hectic busy routine? What if the salon reaches your home? If your inspection is for beauty salon packages in Dubai, NAZAM is near you with its home services.


NAZAM offers different salon assistance which you can choose as per your needs.  Whether you want a manicure or pedicure after a tiring working day or need a trendy haircut, we provide all the services that match your needs.


Our expert and trained service partners deliver high-rated services in affordable packages. You don’t need to inquire about ladies salon because NAZAM offers home beauty salon services.

Our Services

Below we have listed the salon offers you can get with NAZAM.


Mani Cure & Pedi Cure


Your hands and feet deserve pampering after a long working day. It is the perfect idea to hire professional manicurists and pedicurists to enjoy the peace of a manicure and a pedicure at home. We offer the following packages:


  1. Classic Manicure

  2. Classic Pedicure

  3. Classic Mani Pedi Combo

  4. French Manicure

  5. French Pedicure and Manicure

  6. Gel French Manicure

  7. Gel French Pedicure

  8. Gel Polish Manicure

  9. Gel Polish Pedicure

  10. Gel Mani-Pedi Combo


Nail Services


The nail service partners of NAZAM assist you in trimming nails and getting the desired shape and design of nails. Whether it's a same-day special event or you want to change your look for a long-time, you will get the perfect nail assistance.


You can go for the stated Nail services in our salon packages.


  1. Cut and File

  2. Classic Polish Change

  3. French Polish Change

  4. Gel Polish Change

  5. Gel Polish Removal Hands

  6. Gel Polish Removal Feet

  7. Gel Polish Removal Combo


Massage Service


It is the perfect idea to enjoy the comfort of massage at your place and in privacy. Massage service in Dubai is part of our beauty salon packages in Dubai. You can get an appointment for the below-listed massage services.


  1. Head - 30 minutes

  2. Head - 60 minutes

  3. Neck & Shoulder - 30 minutes

  4. Neck & Shoulder - 60 minutes

  5. Back - 30 minutes

  6. Back - 60 minutes

  7. Foot - 30 minutes

  8. Foot - 60 minutes


Hair Services

If your query is for the hair salon for ladies near me, you can end your search on NAZAM. We offer hair grooming services for ladies and kids. You can get a trendy and stylish hair look in the comfort of your home. We have the following hair services for ladies and kids:


For Ladies


  1. Hair Trim

  2. Blow Dry - Short Hair

  3. Blow Dry - Long Hair

  4. Blow Dry Curls - Short Hair

  5. Blow Dry Curls - Long Hair

  6. Ironing - Short Hair

  7. Ironing - Long Hair

  8. Ola plex Treatment

  9. Hair Color


For Kids


  1. Baby Haircut

  2. Kid Haircut - Girls

  3. Kid Haircut for 2 - Girls

  4. Kid Haircut for 3 - Girls


Face Services


Whether you want a facial for glowing skin or you desire perfect threading service, we have different face services for you.


  1. Dr. Renaud Facial

  2. Herbal Facial

  3. Casmara Facial

  4. Deep cleansing

  5. Dr. Renaud Cleanup

  6. Face Bleach

  7. Herbal Cleanup

  8. Eyebrow Threading

  9. Upper lip Threading

  10. Full Face without Eyebrows

  11. Face Bleach


Waxing Service


How to find time to get rid of unwanted hair on your body? If you have the same question, NAZAM has a perfect solution for you by offering its Waxing services in Dubai. You can get an appointment for any of the mentioned services, and our expert estheticians will reach your address within your given time.


  1. Under Arms

  2. Half Legs

  3. Full Legs

  4. Back

  5. Stomach

  6. Bikini

  7. Full Arms

  8. Full Body without Bikini

  9. Full Body with Bikini


Makeup Service


Whether you want bridal makeup or searching for the best party makeup services at home, we are here to offer you the best makeup home services in Dubai. We have mentioned the main categories of makeup below.


  1. Day Makeup

  2. Evening Makeup

  3. Bridal Makeup


Henna Service

You can get our henna home services to celebrate your festivals and special events. Our Henna mehndi artists are experts and suggest the best designs according to the occasion.


Package Services

We also offer package services in our home beauty salons Dubai. These are the combination of different services. You can get further details at the time of booking.


  1. Classic Mani Pedi Package

  2. Gel Mani Pedi Package

  3. Waxing Combo 1

  4. Massage with Blow Dry Package

  5. Waxing Combo 2

  6. 7 Service Package

  7. 12 Service Package

  8. 15 Service Package


NAZAM is the best answer to your query about beauty salon packages in Dubai. It is easy to book our services. Enjoy exceptional home salon services at the most economical and fair prices.


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