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Home Sanitization Service-NAZAM


We all focus on daily home cleaning. But the cleaning products and detergents we use can offer the cleanliness of the surface. These mixtures have less effect on unseen bacteria and can’t tackle them. To eliminate harmful germs and viruses from your home, you need home sanitization services in Dubai, preferably once a month.  


NAZAM offers reliable and premium quality home sanitization services in Dubai with its licensed service partners. They use professional sanitization tools and safe biocides that eliminate all deep hidden, unseen bacteria and viruses and keep your home safe from them for a long time.


Our service partners ensure health, hygiene, and safety measures and deliver environmentally friendly sanitization services using Dubai municipality-approved products. 


Our services are available every time all across Dubai. You can book our services according to your suitability. Enjoy the convenient charges on our sanitization services and get the desired results. 


Our Sanitization Services Include


Before telling you our complete step-by-step process, we inform you about a few essential things that are part of our home sanitization services.


  • Child & Pet-Friendly - Dubai Municipality-Approved Products

  • Non-Toxic & Environmental Safe Solution - Vital Oxide- A US-made approved DM

  • Odorless Liquid Solution

  • ULV fogging machine

  • Advanced Sanitization Tools


How Our Process Works


NAZAM delivers safe and reliable home sanitization services with its efficient service partners. They ensure that you enjoy stress-free assistance with advanced tools and environment-friendly products.


Here are the details of our step-by-step sanitization process. 


Step 1

Our service providers start the sanitization process with an inspection of your space thoroughly. The highest foot traffic areas need more attention. Our professionals come with high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) and other essential accessories, such as microfiber cloths, disinfecting solution, tissue, mask, overalls, and gloves.


Step 2

Our experts start the service by clearing the space. Then they clean the surface and remove all dust and dirt substances. 


Step 3

Then our well-trained service partners spray the sanitizing liquid on the surface using a ULV fogging machine. The liquid solution for sanitization is a mixture of water and disinfectant (Vital Oxide-a US-made approved by Dubai Municipality). 


This sanitization solution is odorless and transparent. It is safe for children, pets, food, and all surfaces.


You can apply it on all surfaces, tables, walls, floors, and equipment.


Step 4

Cleaners leave this liquid solution for 10-15 min to absorb and dissolve. We focus on all high touch-point surfaces like handles, switches, door knobs, armrests, tables, counters, and other frequently touched areas. This process helps to eliminate seen and unseen germs.


Step 5

The final step is to wipe off all the wet places. Our team makes sure that no chemical is present in any part of your home. We ensure the safety of your home before leaving.


Why Professional Home Sanitization is Important


  • Get Rid of Germs & Bacteria


Allergens, human coronavirus, germs, bacteria, and viruses can cause serious health issues. Regular cleaning is not enough to extract them thoroughly. Professional sanitization services eliminate all these unseen and hidden microorganisms and keep your surrounding safe.


  • Environmental-Friendly Solution


Professionals prepare the sanitizing solution with a mixture of water and disinfectant. It is Dubai municipality-approved and safe to use. It can kill 99.99% of germs, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. It is child-friendly and pet-friendly. It does not harm home accessories. 


  • Save Time & Energy


It is essential to hire a professional sanitization service because it saves time and energy. The other important thing is sanitization is a complete process that professionals can handle accurately with guaranteed results. 


  • Pet-Friendly Solution


It is also a convenient option for pet lovers. The sanitization solution is pet-friendly, and it also keeps your pet safe from bacteria and viruses.


  • Advanced Technology & Equipment


Professionals use the right tools and technology to facilitate efficient services. 

Why Choose Us

  • Stress-Free Professional Sanitization Services

  • On-Time Service Availability

  • Eco-Friendly & Dubai Municipality-Approved Solution

  • Best Suitable Rates

  • Highly-Trained & Experienced Service Partners


NAZAM Offers You More


NAZAM offers you the assistance of the best cleaners at the most affordable prices. If you are searching the home sanitization services in Dubai, contact us now, and we will take care of the rest.



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