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Stay Home # Stay Safe # We at Nazam bring you sanitization & disinfection of your homes & offices. Our service professionals at Nazam are Dubai Municipality approved & we strictly adhere to health & safety guidelines for sanitization. We disinfect your home leaving it 99.99 % free of disease – causing pathogens.

It generally involves two steps:

  1. Misting the areas with solution of water & a disinfectant (Vital Oxide-a US make approved DM ) using a ULV fogging machine
  2. Wiping off all door-knobs, handles, switches, & other frequently touched areas using an anti- bacterial spray with a soft micro fibre cloth.

Our services are:

  • 100% safe for kids and pets
  • Kills 99.9% viruses & bacteria
  • Fast & effective
  • Our service partners maintain 100% hygiene and carry sanitized equipment.

A general cleaning before the disinfection process is highly recommended to maximize the effectiveness of the process. It is our responsibility at Nazam to help people maintain best health & hygiene standards. You can use our app & get your homes & offices disinfected in a few clicks.


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