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The Best Place for Dog Grooming - Dubai


The essential part of your pet’s life is grooming. If you have a dog or you want to welcome a dog into your home, you should know the importance of regular grooming. In the busy life of Dubai, it is not easy to take care of your pet. Then a question arises, where to find the best place for dog grooming Dubai?


NAZAM can help you with its team of professional dog groomers. Our well-trained team is highly-skilled in providing clean and hygienic grooming services to pet dogs. You will get all the premium grooming services at your doorstep that would also light on your pocket. 


Our professional groomers are trained in pet care and safety. They deliver the stress-free grooming session your dog enjoys. It also feels comfortable and relaxed.


We offer different types of dog grooming services. For giving your pet a luxury treatment, contact us now. Sit back, relax, and let our professional groomers pamper your furry friend with tenderness and care.


Services for your Dog


NAZAM provides professional grooming services for pet dogs. Our class-rated grooming services are available for all breeds. We offer:


Nail Trimming


Nail trimming is one of the significant dog grooming services. Nail trimming of your pet dog is essential once a month. The growth of the nails may cause injury or discomfort for the dog.


It is better to get professional services for nail clipping as dogs have a vein inside the nail. Only a well-trained team can handle the trimming procedure of your pet nails.


Our team uses perfect nail clippers and nail grinders that are sterile and hygienic and make your dog's nails short and smooth. They also prevent infections.


Hair Trimming


Hair grows in different parts of the body of your pet dog. The overgrowth of hair may cause severe infections and diseases. Regular hair trimming is essential to avoid these issues. 


Our highly skilled dog groomers are friendly with all types of dogs. They use perfect equipment and sterile tools to trim and cut the hair. You get all these services at your doorstep and an affordable price. 


Face Cleaning With Eyes, Ears & Paws


Maintaining the cleanliness of your pet dog is necessary to avoid health problems because dogs are more prone to small pathogens and infectious agents.


Cleaning the eyes, ears, and paws once a month is better for your pet dog. NAZAM provides a team of professional dog groomers who offer the best grooming and cleaning services for the face, eyes, ears, and paws. 


The sterile tools and sanitized procedures are essential parts of our pet grooming services that prevent infections and diseases. 


Bathing, Brushing & Tooth Care


A timely bath cleans your dog and stimulates its skin and hair. Our dog groomers provide a luxury bathing service to your dog that deeply cleans its hair and skin. So it feels relaxed and comforting.


We treat your pet with utmost care. Our professionals use the finest combs and brushes that spread the natural oil through its coat and give a healthy shine. 


Dental care is a vital grooming service. The dog groomers use brushes and toothpaste that are specifically designed for dogs. They always take care of the dental hygiene of your pet. 


Anal Gland Expression


Anal gland expression helps to prevent impaction, infections, or abscessation.


Why Choose NAZAM


If you want the best place for dog grooming in Dubai or near me, we can help you. 


  • Professional Dog Groomers


We provide professional and well-trained dog groomers in Dubai. They are friendly with dogs and know how to pamper them with care and tenderness.


  • Best Platform for Providing Grooming Services


If you want a luxury spa treatment for your pet, you can choose NAZAM. It is the best platform that has professional service partners who provide all types of grooming services to your pet.


  • Get the Comfort of Your Home


You can get all our services at your doorstep. You don’t need to step out of your home. Just call us and get the best services in the town


  • Sterile & Hygienic Tools


Our well-trained pet groomers use hygienic and sterile tools that are good for your pet's health. 


  • Affordable Services


Our pet grooming packages are affordable and budget-friendly. You get high-quality and premium services in a cost-effective plan.


Our professional groomers are well aware of all breeds of dogs. Your search for the best place for dog grooming Dubai ends on NAZAM. Call us now to hire our professionals.



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