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Best Place for Grooming Cats - NAZAM


Having a cat at home is easy but maintaining its requirements with care is not easy. Though cats groom themselves and are high-clean animals, they still need regular grooming from professional hands.


If your search is for the best place for grooming cats, we are here to give your kitty a new look and spa day treat!


The introduction of grooming at a very young age is better for your cat as it helps you to make the grooming routine of your cat, and it will not be a stressful task for you and your little kitty. 


Our professional pet groomers understand the behaviors and possible fears if your cat is unfamiliar with the grooming process.


We make your cat adorable and comfortable with low-stress and compassionate grooming sessions. Our well-trained pet groomers understand their needs and are passionate about their grooming. 


We understand the busy life in Dubai and offer the finest grooming services to your cats. Our customers always get satisfactory results and peace of mind. Contact us now to give your kitty a glamorous look!


Our Services 


We provide our services to all breeds and types. Regular grooming keeps your cat healthy, promotes blood circulation, and gives it a perfect look. 


From nail trimming to bathing and brushing, your cat will get everything here. Our services include: 


Claws Trimming


The claw grows regularly, and its trimming is essential for cat grooming. The sharp points can cause injury to the caretaker, and they can damage the accessories at home. 


Our professionals provide the finest claw clipping that prevents pain or sores. Our grooming instruments are sterile, and your cat will get a comfortable grooming experience. 


Hair Trimming


If your search is for the best place for grooming cats in Dubai, we are here for your assistance. Whether your cat has short hair or your little sphinx has long hair, we can give it a stylish look with prime hair trimming.


One-time trimming or hair cut in a month is essential as it prevents parasitic growth and hair or fur-related infections. Further, it keeps your cat healthy and comfortable all the time. 


Dental Care


We provide grooming services for your cats, like checking and cleaning teeth, mouth, and gums. Cats may get infections or ulcers if teeth and mouth are not maintained. Using pet toothpaste for the teeth brushing of your cat is recommended.


Our cleaning services of gums and teeth allow the cat easy eat and chip. You can contact us for the oral care of your little kittens. 


Ear, Nose & Eye Care


We provide our cat grooming services for ears, nose, and eyes. The proper grooming of these body parts keeps your cat healthy. Our professional cat groomers clean the inner and outer layers of the ear.  


The swelling and redness of the eyes are signs of infection. Our regular cat grooming services can prevent these issues. 


Cat Bathing


We know cats hate baths, but bathing keeps them active and maintains their health. Our well-trained groomers know how to deal with your cats professionally and with gentle care. They check the moods of your little kitty and know where to grab them. We offer the best bathing experience. 


Brushing Cat


Proper brushing is essential to avoid parasitic growth. Our trained pet groomers use professional combs and brushes according to the different types of cats. Our brushing services give your cat a pleasing look and help to maintain its coat. 


Anal Gland Expression


Anal gland expression helps to avoid abscessation, infections, or impaction.


Why Choose NAZAM


If your search is for the best saloon for grooming cats, you can choose the NAZAM due to following reasons:


  • Services According to Customer Needs


We provide comfortable, healthy, and premium pet services according to the needs of our customers.


  • Professional Cat Groomers


We are well-trained and professional cat groomers in Dubai. Our skilled team knows how to deal with the behavior and possible fears of the cats.


  • We Make Grooming Enjoyable


Our pet grooming sessions are enjoyable for you and your pets. We provide a healthy and comfortable environment that impacts a positive image of the grooming session on the cat.


  • Cost-Effective Services


Our grooming services are cost-effective and affordable with high quality. 


  • Home Service


You can get all our pet grooming services at your doorstep.


Keep your little kitty motivated with regular grooming services. NAZAM ends your search for the best place for grooming cats. Contact us now to give your cat a stylish and glamorous look.


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