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Best Tablet Repair - Dubai


Are you searching for trustworthy tablet repair services? Or do you have a query about the best tablet repair in Dubai? NAZAM answers your searches by offering its tablet repair services in Dubai.


We have experienced and well-trained technicians that can fix the mess at the most affordable prices. Whether you are experiencing technical issues or your tablet is broken, We deal with every problem and all brands. It is easy to book our repair services that can solve your trouble in the minimum time.


Our Services


If your search is for the Lenovo tab or Samsung tablet repair near me, you can reach us. NAZAM offers its repair services to tablets of different brands.


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab


Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 & 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab E, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 & 3 Lite, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 & 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Tab 7.7, 8.9, 10.1, etc. 


  • Apple iPad


iPad Air 1 & 2, iPad Mini 2, 3, & 4, Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, 5, iPad 6 Pro (12.9), iPad Pro (9.7)


  • Other Tablet Brands


Lenovo Tablet, Asus Tablet, Acer Tablet, and Andriod Tabs. 

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How Does It Work


When you contact us to repair your tab, that's how our repair procedure works:


  • Step 1


When you appoint our services, our technicians reach your doorstep and collect the tab.


  • Step 2


They deliver the tablet to our repair center.


  • Step 3


After inspecting the issue, our service partners call customers to inform details and prices.  


Regular Tablets Issues You Face


Cracked or Damaged Screen


A cracked or damaged screen is the most common issue any tab user can face. It usually happens when you unconsciously drop your tablet on the floor or it hits a hard object. Our technicians deal with this issue expertly and replace the old cracked screen with an OEM-Approved screen. 


Not Charging or Faulty Battery


Battery draining, charging issues, damaged charging ports, and faulty batteries are day-to-day problems for tablet users. If you are facing these problems, you can call us, and well-trained technicians will replace your battery or restore its functionality after resolving the issue. 




A water-damaged tablet is not a new thing for tab users. In this scenario, the internal parts of the tablet suffer more than the outer components. Our service partners have a team of professional technicians to restore non-working tabs. They replace the damaged parts and make your gadget functional.  


Non-Functional Mic & Faulty Speaker


Whether you have Andriod Tab or iPad, you may face the issue of a faulty mic or non-functional speaker. These are daily issues. You can count on us if your search is for the best tablet repair Dubai. 


Broken Hardware Components

There are broken hardware components, such as a damaged audio jack, a faulty charging port, etc. You can get the best solution to these issues on our platform.


Software Problems


There are many regular software issues that tablet users get by downloading data. Whether it is erasing viruses, data recovery, or fixing any software issue, we help you to deal with this.


Reasons to Count on NAZAM


  • Well-Trained & Certified Technicians 


Whether you want a tablet or mobile technician in Dubai, NAZAM Home Services offers you the assistance of its professional and well-trained service partners. Our skilled technicians can deal with the complex issue of your gadgets expertly and transparently clear the problem to the client. They have broad experience in dealing with tablets of different brands.


  • Exceptional Tablet Repair Services 


We offer professional services for your gadgets. Whether your tablet has a software issue or hardware problem, NAZAM will help you to fix it. Our technicians use the latest technology to restore and replace the components. We deal the tablets of all brands such as Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, etc.


  • Quality Service at an Affordable Price


We offer exceptional tablet repair services at economical and budget-friendly prices. Whether your query is for Samsung tablet repair Dubai or Acer tablet repair, we provide the most affordable packages for all brands.


  • Free Pickup & Delivery Services


If you are searching for a tablet repair shop near me, our service partners end your search by offering free pickup and delivery services. You get this benefit when you book our service to repair your tablet. 


We answer all queries like tablet repair Dubai or fix mobile screen Dubai. Get in touch with NAZAM to find the best!


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