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Affordable Washing Machine Repair in Dubai


Have you got the unpleasant surprise of the washing machine leakage issue? Are you tired of the frequent burning smell from your washing machine? Whatever the problems you are facing, NAZAM is here to rescue you.


Our service partners have professional and well-trained washing machine repair technicians. They can expertly repair your washing machine despite complex issues. We handle different types of washing machines like:


  • Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

  • Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Integrated Washing Machine

  • Built-in Washing Machine


Our technicians cover the problems of all major brands like Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool, LG, Nikki, Hisense, Bosch, and many more. If your query is for an affordable and professional service for washing machine repair in Dubai, NAZAM is the right choice to trust.


Our Services


We offer our washing machine repair services for the following frequent problems. If your trouble doesn’t match any of the mentioned issues, you can still contact us for help. 


  • Failure of Electronic Control Board

  • Broken, Blocked, or Faulty Drain Pump

  • Damaged or Faulty Timer

  • Leakage & Foul Smell Issues

  • The washing Machine doesn’t turn on & off

  • Water filling issues 

  • Ripped Clothes 

  • Issues with Spin Cycle

  • Replacement of Door Gasket

  • Water Level & Draining Issues

  • Noisy Washing Machine

  • Snapped Belts

  • Heating Problems

  • Pressure System Problems

  • Damage Drum Replacement

  • Improper Cleaning & Drying

  • Washing Machine Tripping

  • & Many More 

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How We Work

If you are searching for a washing machine repair near me, NAZAM is close to you. We offer free pick-up and drop-back services. Let’s check how we work:


  • Step 1

When you book our washing machine repair services, our service partners receive the washing machine from your doorstep.


  • Step 2

They deliver the machine to the repair center.


  • Step 3

Our expert technicians assess the problem and figure out the solution. They explain the details and cost-effective solutions to customers.


  • Step 4

After your approval, our technicians fix the issue and drop your washing machine back at your place.


Reasons to Choose NAZAM

Whether your search is for washing machine repair Dubai or washing machine repair in Dubai, you will find NAZAM in the top-rank service providers. Let us tell you why.


Expert & Certified Technicians

Our expert and professional technicians have extensive experience in washing machine repair services. They can fix all the major and minor issues of different branded washing machines.   


Our professionals assess the problem thoroughly and repair or replace it expertly. They fix the trouble and make your machine workable again like new. You will love to have their services again due to their friendly and professional behavior. 


Locations NAZAM Serves


If your query is for washing machine repair Dubai Marina, washing machine repair Dubai International City, washing machine repair Dubai JLT, or washing machine repair in Palm Jumeirah, NAZAM provides its services in your desired location. We offer our repair services all across Dubai. 


Deal with All Major Brands


Whether you search for Samsung washing machine repair Dubai, LG washing machine repair Dubai, or Bosch washing machine repair Dubai, our washing machine repair services cover all major brands such as Whirlpool, LG, Haier, Samsung,  Daewoo, Super General, Nikki, Hisense, Westpoint, Hitachi, Bosch, Frigidaire, Indesit,  Hitachi, Bosch, Siemens, Akai, Zanussi, and more.


High-Quality Services


We offer our customers high-quality and exceptional repair services. We use quality appliance parts in our repair services. Whether you have leakage & foul smell issues or broken pump problems, our expert technicians can handle all major and minor issues with washing machines. 


From repairing machines to replacing appliance parts, NAZAM provides satisfactory services around you.


Convenient Time Schedule


You don’t need to chase technicians to repair your washing machine. NAZAM delivers its repair services to your doorstep and at your convenient time. You can hire our repair services according to your decided schedule, and our service partners will be at your location.


Economical Prices


Our washing machine repair services are affordable and economical. You will not experience any hidden charges. Our service partners inform you about the estimated cost before starting the repair process. 


Free Pick-up & Drop-Back Services


NAZAM offers free pick-up and drop-back services. We pick up your washing machine from your given address and drop it back after fixing the problem. 


If you want a technician for washing machine repair in Dubai, NAZAM is just a click away. 


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