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Home Services for Waxing Men-Dubai


Waxing service is not just for women anymore. It has numerous benefits for men too. Whether you want to improve your muscular definition or looking for ways to get a smooth body skin tone, waxing has many benefits for you. 


But what if you want hair waxing for men in the privacy and comfort of your home? NAZAM is always here for your assistance. We offer you a luxurious waxing experience at the most affordable prices. 


Our expert estheticians use waxing products according to your skin type. You will not get any allergic reaction. 


If you are searching for home services for waxing men in Dubai or male body waxing in Dubai, NAZAM is just a touch away. Book our waxing services at your convenient time.


Why Should You Choose Men’s Waxing Services


Waxing is not just about removing hair. It is more than that. You can enjoy numerous benefits of this service. Let’s check some of them.


Lessen Body Odor

Men strive to get rid of body odor. The main reason for this is the hair on your body. Men have more hair growth than women. 


Body hair absorbs sweat, becomes sticky, and causes an awful odor. Waxing helps you to reduce body odor. Your hair-free skin naturally smells better. 


Extract Dead Skin Cells


Dead skin cells can trigger many issues in your body's skin. They are the reasons for rough skin and dark skin tone. 

Waxing extracts dead skin cells from your body, and you experience smooth skin and light body tone. 


Improve Muscular Definition


Have you ever noticed fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders? Why do they look so attractive? Obviously, due to their pronounced body definition. Wax clears hair from your body, and your muscles become more visible. 


Wax is a lot better than shaving because there is no chance of getting cuts on your body. 


Save Your Time & Money

Waxing is the perfect choice to save your money and time. You do not experience instant hair growth in waxing. With time your hair becomes thinner, and regular waxing clears your body hair for good. 


Waxing saves you spending your money on razors and hair-removing creams. 


Perform Better


If you love swimming, waxing is for you. It removes dead skin cells and body hair and makes your skin smooth. You enjoy a better performance because your waxed body reduces water friction. 


It is time for you to try body waxing. Isn’t it?

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Reasons to Prefer NAZAM


Whether you search for waxing for men in Dubai, or home services for waxing men in Dubai, you will find NAZAM the perfect option for your query. 


How NAZAM satisfies the need of its customers? Let’s check!


  • Exceptional Wax Services for Men


If your search is for full body wax men or full body shaving in Dubai, the wax home services from NAZAM will help you. We offer exceptional and satisfactory waxing services. Our specialists use products that are suitable for your skin type. 


You will find our home services convenient. We provide different wax packages that you can choose according to your need.


  • Professional & Certified Estheticians


Our service partners have a team of expert, certified, and professional estheticians. They work efficiently and without hassle and mess. They are punctual and reliable. You will like to have their services again due to their friendly and professional behavior. 


  • Waxing Packages


You can enjoy the offers of different wax packages. Whether you want full body wax or need to wax some specific parts, you can hire our services according to your demand.


  • High-Quality & Reliable Products


Our estheticians use waxing products that have the finest quality and are safe for every skin type. They apply cruelty-free products that do not trigger allergic effects on your body, and you enjoy long-lasting hair-free skin. 


  • Affordable Wax Packages


Whether you want Brazilian wax men or full body men's waxing, you will find our waxing packages affordable and economical. 


  • Wax Home Services As Per Your Schedule


If you find salons uncomfortable for wax services, you can book our home services at your suitable time and date. You will receive our estheticians at the scheduled time at your doorstep.


NAZAM offers its wax services all across Dubai. Feel free to hire our home services for waxing men in Dubai



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