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Home Services Of Waxing - Dubai

Do you have a tight schedule and can’t find time to visit the salon for waxing? But what if there is a prime event for you to attend?


Forget the hassle of booking the waxing assistant at the parlor. NAZAM offers you waxing services at your doorstep. Our professional estheticians expertly extract undesired hair from your body, and you will experience clear and soft skin.


We have different options for waxing. You can select according to your need. We offer you the advantage of flexible timing. You can book your session at a suitable time. Our service partners will reach your door and deliver the expected services.


You don’t need to search for waxing Dubai or waxing hair removal services. Call us and treat yourself to our excellent services at your doorstep

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Our Services

Waxing removes unwanted hair. But it also clears the uppermost layer of your skin. Whether you want a bikini wax or full body waxing, you will find everything with us.


  1. Under Arms

  2. Half Legs

  3. Full Legs

  4. Back

  5. Stomach

  6. Bikini

  7. Full Arms

  8. Full Body without Bikini

  9. Full Body with Bikini


Advantages of Wax

Why should I choose to wax when I have the option of shaving? If you think the same, it is time to look at the benefits of waxing.  Waxing is a must-have part of a self-care routine. It offers you many advantages.


Clears Your Skin

Wax helps you to clear the upper surface of your skin. You will notice the visible difference as your skin will be smooth and bright.


Slow Hair Regrowth

The most crucial benefit of waxing is less regrowth. It pulls out the hair from the roots, and this method slows down the process of hair growth. Many people prefer shaving hair. But shaving only removes the hair from the surface, and you get back hair within days.


Waxing helps you to slow down hair growth for a long time.


Thin Hair After Waxing

Shaving offers instant hair regrowth, and you experience hard and rough texture hair. Waxing makes your unwanted hair thin. You get less and fine hair with waxing.


No Itching & Rashes

It is easy to get rashes and itching after shaving. It gets worse when your hair grows again. Waxing saves you from these issues. You wouldn't get rashes or acne spots after itching.


Spots and Cuts

Cuts and spots you can get with shaving can turn into infections. It is a real issue when you get it on sensitive parts. Waxing is always a safe side for ladies to remove unwanted hair.


Why Choose NAZAM

Why is NAZAM a priority of clients when they search for a ladies salon near me, a waxing hair removal service, or a waxing Dubai? Let’s find out the answer!


  • High-Quality Wax Services

If you are searching for a ladies' salon near me, you don't need to explore for more. NAZAM delivers its professional wax services on the comfort of your couch. We offer different wax services with excellent quality services. You will receive the best treatment after booking our services.


  • Expert & Professional Estheticians

With its service partners, NAZAM offers professional estheticians that are experts in providing home waxing services. They follow different techniques that make the waxing process painless. You will admire their work method and love to book them again due to their friendly manners.


  • Waxing Packages

We offer different waxing packages that are according to your needs. Whether it's a full body wax, Brazilian wax, or wax for full legs, you will find different choices at the time of booking services. Search no more for a wax salon near me, and hire our estheticians.


  • Reliable Products

We always consider the excellency of our products and choose high-quality. The brands we use for waxing are safe and perfect for your skin. They don't cause itching and rash.


  • Budget-Friendly Packages

The wax services you choose from NAZAM are economical and budget-friendly. We offer packages that do not cost you much. You will experience with us excellent assistance in affordable packages.


  • Home Services As Per Your Schedule

If you are stuck in your daily routine and don't have time to visit the salon, you can choose our home services for self-care. We offer the liberty to set the appointment as per your matched schedule.


It is time to end your query about wax Dubia or waxing Dubai at NAZAM. Get ahold of us now to enjoy the best home waxing services.


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